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Phunk - Future Hits & Rarities AIR FRANCE Radio Playlist #27 09/01/2013

01Wild Belle - It\'s Too Late - Columbia
02Hypnolove - Holiday Reverie - Records Maker
03Cody Chesnutt - That\'s Still Mama - One Little Indian Records
04Triumph Feat Valldeneu - Discover (Jimmy Edgar remix) - Rebirth
05Tom Trago feat Cinnaman - Rise Up - Rush Hour
06The New Sins - Don\'t Break My Heart - Tigersushi
07Alexandre Chatelard - Les Marguerites - Elektr\'o\'Shock
08Lafayette - Mauvaise Mine - Entreprise
09La Féline - Les Fashionistes - Haute Félidée
10Egyptology - The Skies - Clapping Music
11Jimpster - Seventh Wave - Freerange Records
12Blue Fields - 7x7 (Tejada Remix) - Haunt
12Wild Belle - BlackSlider
13Acid Washed - Hello Universe - Records Maker
14Alex Gopher feat Saint Michel - Hello Inc - Go 4 Music
15The SubDivision - The Kiss - Kokeshi
16Saint Michel - Katherine (Dream Koala remix) - Columbia
17Alex Cortex - Kihon 5 - Pomelo
18Tanzlife - Visions - Moda Black
19Gerry Read - Evidence - Fourth Wave
20Harouki Zombie - Objet Petit A - Polyvinyl Records
21Autre Ne Veut - Counting - RVNG
22Para One - When The Night (Discodeine Remix) - Marble
23Alejandro Paz - Free - Comène
24Sha-Lor - I\'m In Love (caught up version) - Rush Hour
26Pulp - This Is Hardcore - Island
26Poni Hoax - Life In A New Motion - PanEuropean
27Arnaud Rebotini - Pagan Dance Move - Zone
28Gherkin Jerks - Space Dance - Alleviated Records
29Tythe - Let The Dance End - Sunday Best
30Dominik Eulberg - Als Er Den Gleissenden Rand Seines Schattens Sah - Traum

Être à la pointe des tendances musicales en voyageant, c'est possible.

AIR FRANCE nous a proposé en 2008 un canal radio intitulé "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" sur les vols longs courrier...

Planant aux quatre coins du globe, vous pouvez ainsi savourer notre sélection bimestrielle de 2h, entre tendances à venir et pépites rares, entre pop futuriste et musique de danse mentale.

Programmation de Janvier - Février 2013 à bord des avions.


Travelling in (musical) edginess is possible.

AIR FRANCE offered us in 2008 an onboard radio channel entitled "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" on long-haul flights...

Gliding around the globe, one can taste our bimestrial selection of forthcoming musical air-du-temps, 2 hours of futuristic indie and mental dancefloor peppered with occasional unsung classics and rarities.

Below our January - February 2013 playlist on long-haul Flights.

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