My Phunkster

Phunk - Future Hits & Rarities AIR FRANCE Radio Playlist #34 03/03/2014

01Madeline Bell - That\'s What Friends Are For
02Flight Facilities feat Micky Green - Stand Still
03We Were Evergreen - Daughters
04Mr Oizo - Cut Dick
05Feadz - It\'s Enough
06Isaac Delusion - Children of the night
07Avan Lava - So F_kt Up
08Osborne Feat. Joe Goddard (Joe\'s Dub) - Hold Up
09James Fox Feat. Vanity Jay - Holding On
10Daniel Avery - Free Floating
11Francis Harris - Lostfound (Matthew Herbert\'s \'Let Yourself Go Mix\')
12Cooly G - Hold Me
13Void Vision - Hidden Hand
14Juanpablo (ft ArD2) - Dream
15Matias Aguayo - Una Fiesta Diferente
16Hakim Murphy - MurpH Tone Jack - (G. Tender Touch Mix)
17The Chameleon - Links
18The Hacker - Low Life
19Microworld - Signals
20Volta Cab - Apache Goes Wild
21Mr Oizo - Textes
22Copyshop - Narcis (Rework remix)
23Buvette - The Goodbye Party
24Judah Warsky - Water
25Flavien Berger - Golden Glance
26Henry Mancini - Ludmilla\'s Theme
27Jérôme Echenoz - Le chrome et le coton (Lafayette remix)
28Syracuse - Latomia
29The Swan - Golden Leaves of Summer
30Teenage Fanclub - Sidewinder
31Sebastien Tellier - Adieu

Être à la pointe des tendances musicales en voyageant, c'est possible.

AIR FRANCE nous a proposé en 2008 un canal radio intitulé "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" sur les vols longs courrier...

Planant aux quatre coins du globe, vous pouvez ainsi savourer notre sélection bimestrielle de 2h, entre tendances à venir et pépites rares, entre pop futuriste et musique de danse mentale.

Programmation de Mars - Avril 2014 à bord des avions.


Travelling in (musical) edginess is possible.

AIR FRANCE offered us in 2008 an onboard radio channel entitled "Phunkster - future hits & rarities" on long-haul flights...

Gliding around the globe, one can taste our bimestrial selection of forthcoming musical air-du-temps, 2 hours of futuristic indie and mental dancefloor peppered with occasional unsung classics and rarities.

Below our March - April 2014 playlist on long-haul Flights.