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For the last few years we have been touring as 2manydjs with a show called the 'Under The Covers' where a giant screen behind us shows the animated sleeves of the respective songs. There used to be a time when DJ's would put up the sleeve of the record they were playing on display behind them, and we basically brought a ridiculously exaggerated and expensive version of that idea on tour with us. We compiled some of the best animations here with some local ones we did for specific countries like japan/brazil/france/italy/turkey/etc. This hour is the first of two parts that are possibly the closest thing to a 2manydjs festival set here on RSWX.

Concept : Soulwax and Fergadelic
Editor: Kurt Augustyns
Animation: Bill Porter, Karl Sadler, Michael Zauner, Nuno Costa, Lewis Kyle White, Ross McDowell, Ed Suckling, Christoph Steger, Chris Walker, Laurie Hill

Radio Soulwax is now fully operational on www.radiosoulwax.com with the launch of six more hours of musical episodes.

The following episodes are now available to stream online & via the application which is available now on iTunes App & Android stores

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