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A01Listen to The Hiss
(Tiefschwarz Remix)
B01Listen to The Hiss
(Hell Original Mix)

40 years old, 1 internationally successful record company, thousands of DJ gigs... Can success be quantified? Probably. Can DJ Hell be quantified? No

Even though the above mentioned figures are impressive, the Hell phenomenon isn't explicable by numbers. But you can explain it by telling his life story.

Born 1962 in the village of Altenmarkt, Upper Bavaria, Germany, Hell achieved a worldwide breakthrough without compromising, without bending himself in any way. After so many years as a DJ and label boss he is still cutting edge, still lives today, is still hipper than any twentysomething.

A star DJ without an interest in drugs, an ardent supporter of the FC Bayern Munich football team who collaborates with Donatella Versace, who adores his mum's pork roast, kicked off the eighties revival almost singlehandedly and rocked just about every club from New York to Tokyo.

All that in a single lifetime. That is DJ Hell.

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