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If you're not familiar with library music, it's basically instrumental records that were (and still are) sold to provide television- and filmmakers with appropriate soundbeds for their images. A lot of it (read most of it) can be boring, but fortunately the old records were played and recorded by some of the best session musicians during their downtime, so there are some incredible gems to be found. Library records have since become very sought after by producers and we were lucky enough to have found a big lot, about 10 years ago. Instead of animating the sleeves, we have filmed our librarian here at RSWX while she goes about her working day.

Concept : Soulwax and Fergadelic,
Starring : Lou Hayter as the Librarian,
Director : Kinga Burza,
Executive producer : Sasha Nixon,
Producer : Martin Zahringer,
Production manager : Brett Webb,
Title Design : Fergadelic,
Title animation : Glyn Peppiatt,
Director of photography : Justin Brown,
Additional camerawork : Adam Bernetadam & Martin Zahringer,
Additional stills: Kurt Augustyns,
Editor : Kurt Augustyns,
Art director : Anna Rhodes,
Stylist : Sebastien Kaufmann, assisted by : Atlene Riollet, Hair by : Roxanne Attard, Makeup : Kate Lindsey
A Partizan/RSWX Film

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