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A01Keep On Waiting
Feat. Erlend Oye
B01Keep On Waiting
(Tomas Andersson Remix)

40 years old, 1 internationally successful record company, thousands of DJ gigs... Can success be quantified? Probably. Can DJ Hell be quantified? No

It all started with Hell spinning records. First at the legendary Libella club, out in the country, where he was so innovative, so exciting that it only was a question of time before he moved on to nearby Munich. The first releases came about in a flash : "My definition of house music" - still valid today - and "Geteert und Gefedert" ("Tarred and Feathered"), the first album. He put a meaning to the terms serious, tough and minimal and when everybody had understood he moved on immediately.

That's why he founded his own label, International Deejay Gigolos, and started to release new and exciting music: Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Fischerspooner, Zombie Nation, Psychonauts, Terranova, all household names within the international electronica community by now.

Meanwhile he still found some time to work on his own artist career. "Munich Machine" was a manifesto and love letter to a city he'd made his own, including the Barry Manilow cover version "Copa", a massive hit. Summer 2003 sees the release of his new album "N.Y. Muscle". Fresh again, different again, re-inventing himself again. Hell collaborates with the legendary Playboy founder Hugh Hefner and with P. Diddy. All that in a single lifetime.

Site Officiel : www.djhell.de

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