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A01Dry Clean Only
B02Future Is Vintage

Born near Reykjavik in the late 70's, Gustavo Hjindervsson was somewhat destined to become an extraordinary music maker. His mother, being a notorious left-wing activist, fled Chile after the assassination of Salvador Allende. Gustavo's father is a distinguished Icelandic scientist with a passion for electroacoustic "musique concrete".

As a result, on his 6th birthday Gustavo was presented with an analogue synthesizer, which is still with him today.

As his passion with pop or experimental music and jazz grew, he recognized the sound of his generation in early 90's dance music : being too young to have lived the beginning of pop or hip hop, he enjoyed LFO, Juan Atkins, Maurizio, Autechre, GE+GM, Plaid or Plastikman as the soundtrack of his teenage years.
At age 17, his first creation is a ballet piece commissioned by his friend Fulgfell Hjalparsir -incidentally one of today's leading Scandinavian choreographers - yet Gustavo didn't believe any the titles he composed over time were worth releasing. In Finland in 2001, during a festival in Kristiansand, he witnessed a thrilling live performance by Readymade FC that also marked the beginning of a long-lasting friendship with the French artist.

Readymade FC encouraged him to contact the Mental Groove label in Sweetzerland and Gustavo's first single as Akzidenz Grotesk has finally materialized

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