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Bookmark and Share Tony Allen Film of Life Remixes Jazz Village Maxi

1African Man- Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbeauer Remix
2Go Back - Fort Romeau Absolut Remix

After releasing his new solo album Film of Life in October 2014, Tony Allen makes a bridge with modern club music through two remixes from talented Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer and Fort Romeau.

House guru Ricardo Villalobos and partner Max Loderbauer present a rework of African Man, in which the germano-chilian pair slowly drags it in a minimalist groovy mutation, spreading their implacable groove to the rhythm of percussion and brass. On a relentless pace, shimmering bells come interweave with a strong beat acting on the track like a delightful metronome. Once again, the duet demonstrates their talent here, bringing a personal touch while retaining the original warm and colorfoul soul of the piece.

On B-Side, rising londoner Fort Romeau reveals a new facet of Tony's piece Go Back, bringing deep graceful and elegant modern discoid rhythm mixed with Damon Albarn's silky vocals. The piece unfolds and develops itself gradually to envelop us in a gentle and rhythmic house.The languid and dreamy loop galvanized by deep jerky cuts and captivating synth pads invite us to an harmonious escape.

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