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A01Close To You
(Maurice Fulton Remix)
A02Close To You
(Beanfield Acoustic Version)
(Chateau Flight Remix)
(Chateau Flight Beats)
(Chateau Flight Voice & Strings & Pads)

Whether it´s jazz or soul, futurist electronica or West London breakbeats, they boys combine the ultratraditional with the sound of tomorrow.

The music sounds eclectic, but vibrates as one. Live instruments melt into digital sounds, soulful vocals meet computerized grooves. This is an album where the digital kisses the analogue. Call it future soul or electric jazz- with "Seek", Beanfield set a new benchmark.

Swedish singer Ernesto He unfolds a sould grandezza on "Close To You" that is one of a kind, shining with versatility and emotionality, corresponding perfectly with the music.
Maurice Fulton, the caped crusader from another planet has revived funk brilliance and atmospheric sci-fi for his remix; yes he´s got his shit together indeed. And the "Tides" are turned again by Parisian producers and remix dream-team I:Cube and or should I rather say Chàteau Flight ? Ey, they´ve already taken care of Air so imagine what they´ll do with good old ! A daring musical fusion of their respective inspirations: dance, ambient, breakbeat and psychedelic oddities.

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