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Society Of Silence has been much spoken about in 2012, when they released their first EP on their eponymous label and a second outlet on Fragil Records, making a strong impression to the eyes of electronic djs and producers. In 2013, the parisian duo confirms its collaboration with Fragil and releases a third EP Morning Black, with a remix of talented Ukrainian producer Vakula. Willing to explore various shades of electronic music, they release on the same year two EPs on Dj Gilb'R label Versatile, and a second EP on their own label. What makes the succes of Society Of Silence is above all the quality of their productions and the wide ranges of styles explored. As producers, powerful and spontaneous lives appeared as the most intuitive way to communicate with the public. The duo has constistently looked for ways to improve their performance that enriches each time with new machines and elements.

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