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2Future Window
3Proposal For Change

Newcomer Two Thou delivers a first strong 4 tracks EP on Croatian "watch list" label Burek.

Luca Murgia aka Two Thou has a sound of his own – tom toms, spacy flourished and a mix between electro grooves and house stability. For his first EP, the Italian artist surprises by his ability to reach a feeling of naturalness and cleanliness in his productions. Everything lines up and leads the body to inevitable free moves on this regular, smooth grooves felt all along the EP. All four tracks have a common intent in their sounds and rhythms but vary dramatically in intensity.

Assembly is the track that you play just as the night picks up in pas, and has this jerky tom rhythm that the most enthusiastic dancers will pick up as soon as it hits. Luca goes on to sweeten the brew with a spritely twanging baseline coming in and out to inject energy without disturbing the basic flow.

Future Window tacks back again these tums but puts itself much more in the background, presenting a head-down vibe with insistent keys and a bassline that pulses rather than bounces.

Last track Tasks takes the template from the other tracks and gets it so drunk it almost falls apart. With infinite squeaks and burbles, the bassline twists wildly and the rhythm is on the verge of collapse.

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1. Assembly
2. Future Window
3. Proposal For Change
4. Tasks

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