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Bookmark and Share Heinrich Dressel Lurking Underwater Barba Records Maxi

01Creatures from the Abyssus
02Dark Lake
03Underwater (JTC REMIX)
04Lurking Underwater

Heinrich Dressel's productions have been gaining serious attention amongst deeper electro connoisseurs who appreciate almost cinematic feel but still with an eye on the floor which resulted in quite a few moody smashers released on various EPs in the past.

Three tracks here evoking familiar feelings heard before but still somehow they all sound fresh and drag you in wanting for more. As if this wouldn't do it, there is first but, not last appearance for Barba label by mighty JTC who needs no further introduction delivering a remix. This time he cleverly uses sparse but recognizable parts of title track which he then transforms into relentless floor shaker where Detroit meets Chicago, if any such comparison needs to be made.

Barba was born from Burek in 2014, with the aim to deliver all soundsfrom techno to more electro-oriented sounds, house at times: anything as depth and quality. The ambition of the label is to broaden the palette of what a techno label can be: not a consistent tempo, or sound, or mood. Releases will come from the likes of LD Nero, Marco Bernardi, Alex Cortex, Heinrich Dressel, FBK, Gosub, DJ Stingray, Perseus Traxx, Lerosa, Nubian Mindz, Delta Funktionen and many more to come in the future. In addition, such names as DJ Plural, JTC, Terrence Dixon, Aubrey, Florian Kupfer and Ultradyne will be providing remixes.

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