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03Nix (Sir Squi Remix)

Up-and-coming french artist D°C delivers his first EP « Pluton » on forecast label, a hypnotic and melodious blend of futuristic and vintage sounds. D°C has always been an addicted digger and record collector for rare and hidden tracks found in the depths of the internet or selected with love in vinyl with the aim to share with whoever will dance or flatten on his founds until the morning comes.  His career started at the l’Escalier Club in Saint-Malo, France where he quickly became  part of a small knit team and resident.   Spotted by the french music collective CRAB CAKE, he starts playing along with Chloe, Âme, Scratch Massive and refines his style: a slow and powerful techno with melodic voices, often topped with keyboards and round and punchy bass. He quickly begins to show interest in producing, but lacking confidence and being very self-demanding, he releases only three pieces in three years without signature.
His tracks are nevertheless spotted by forecast label on soundcloud in 2012, the beginning of a close collaboration between the label and this up-and-coming artist. Fifty gigs later in diverse places in Paris, he finally releases his EP "Pluton", the first piece of the way. He confirms his taste for futuristic, spacy influences by using NASA-collected sounds to his tracks named after Pluton's satellites Hydra and Nix.

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