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A01Surfing On A Rocket
(Album Version)
A02Surfing On A Rocket
(Remixed By Joakim)
B01Surfing On A Rocket
(Remixed By Juan Maclean)
B02Surfing On A Rocket
(Remixed By Nomo Heroes)

Following the triumphant release of the duo's third studio album proper "Talkie Walkie" earlier this year, Air release its intergalactic anthem "Surfing On A Rocket". As the album slinked its way to Gold sales awards in the UK and the top of the charts across Europe, the reaffirmation of the Parisian duo's ability to create beautifully deft love songs and swoonsome instrumentals is complete.

So this is the time for flying rockets and silver jets. As leftfield as it comes but with the thread of otherworldly pop ever present, "Surfing On A Rocket" is the Sexy Boy of 2004. With a hint of a planetary-obsessed Beatles.

No less quirky come a raft of inspired remixes, starting out with Joakim's version, an uptempo affair with synth and guitars weaving in and out of the mix in a beautifully Depeche Mode-esque journey. The Juan Mclean then takes up the mantle with an equally epic feel, the largely instrumental version offering an abject lesson in synth-rock.

Remixers par excellence Zongamin take the hammer horror approach with clanging drums and off kilter pianos straight out of the haunted house. Definitely not one for the faint hearted to listen to alone at night. A twisted circus feel, all eery clappings and ethereal voices also lends the Nomo Heroes remix a spooked feel that wouldn't be out of place drifting from a secluded electro monastery.

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