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A01How I Feel
B02Static Chords

Stephen Brown re-sort : "How I feel" ainsi qu'un pur club track sur le label Project, "Static Cords".

Stephen Brown, born in 1972, has a long history of involvement in electronic dance music. Becoming addicted to hip-hop, electro, house and the associated pastimes of scratching, bmx-ing and skateboarding. At an early age, Stephen could be found sneaking in to Edinburgh dance club "The Hoochie Koochie", around 1988/89, an experience which converted him from a music listener to a music maker very quickly, inspired by the early house and techno sounds of Detroit and Chicago. His first live shows around 1991 could be heard at another early Edinburgh dance club, "Soma".
After numerous shows locally throughout 1991, Stephen retired to his bedroom to make music for the next 3 years. He spent his time wisely perfecting a sound which is uniquely his.
After having his music brought to the attention of DJax Records boss, Miss Saskia Sledgers in 1995, Stephen released a number of EPs out what seemed like nowhere. The first EP was a double pack on Saskia's own label. All Stephen's subsequent releases have been received with much praise. His music can be heard on playlists by DJs such as Laurent Garnier (see React mix CD), Claude Young, Anthony Shakir, Miss DJax and Neil Landstrumm to name a few.
The Earl's debut release appeared on T&B Records, mid 1996; a three track 12" entitled "The Cornucopia EP". The lead track, "How I Feel" made number 20 in Musik Magazine's Hot One Hundred of 1996, where the Earl's talent was compared to that of Chicago innovator Lil' Louis. Not a bad achievement for his first release. His own label Real Time and releases for Derrick May's label Transmat are also his lasts works to date.
This release on Project is re-releasing this famous track "How I Feel" alongside a pure club track "Static Chords".

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