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A01No Dancing
(Stereogamus Mix)
A02No Dancing
(Original Long Version)
(Khan's No New-York Version)

Originally released on Freu_nd Records, Berlin, this version of "No Dancing" features new remixes by long time partners KHAN's and Paul Mac's STEREOGAMOUS alter ego, which incredible high energy mix will set fire to all discerning dancefloors!

SNAX is also half of CAPTAIN COMATOSE with on PLAYHOUSE (remember $100?), has recorded as YESANDNOFOETUS (Jim Thirlwell's legendary music machine).

SNAX also loves to do live acts, to bring it to the people as he says, singing and dancing with them, he's not afraid to perform right in the middle of the venue. Often referred to as Electro Cabaret, SNAX's live act is pure party energy, fresh rock'n'roll attitude and bullshit-free. If you saw KHAN or PEACHES live once, you got an idea of what we are talking about here!

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