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A01Chemical Sweet Girl
B01Chemical Sweet Girl
B02The Abwehr Disco

Nouveau single tres attendu du duo.
Arnaud Rebotini aux vocals, ebm soul music...

The dark side of disco, frozen-balearic, gay biker-house, boogie-trance, heavy-electronica and soft-goth. No, these aren't compilations from a record shop on Mars but some of the mutant genres Black Strobe have written on the wall of their studio, musical monsters they hope to bring to life. "Electronic music that is not afraid to scare people", Parisians Arnaud Rebotini and Ivan Smagghe have declared is their intent.

They have many talents but when it comes to dark disco this deviant duo are peerless. Smagghe a wire-thin, wired DJ and Rebotini a tall metal goth‚ producer can't quite remember exactly where they met but both swear it was in the "Front Row". It was at the height of the French house boom that they formed Black Strobe to make a record for the Sourcelab 3 (1996) album.

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