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01Suddenly Projected
02See You Next Tuesday
03Bug In Me System
05Kik Yerself
07Pisces Crisis
08Ruby Rage
10Eat 'Em All
11Fed-Ex To Munchen

"Booby Trap” : clins-d’oeils au son rave a l’anglaise, hip-hop style, electro-funk, drum’n’bass, et electropop a la Eno

Le complice d’Andrew Weatherall au sein de TWO LONE SWORDSMEN revient avec son projet RADIOACTIVE MAN, qui demeure l’un des plus puissants lives electro existant sur terre.

En 97, Keith, Andrew et Nick Denton fondent a Londres le Rotters Golf Club, collectif et studio d’enregistrement qui devient un label en 2000. La premiere signature du label n’est autre que Keith lui-meme sous son pseudo electro Radioactive Man, qui avait jusqu’ici sorti quelques maxis confidentiels.

A l’automne 2001, le premier album de l’homme radio-actif sort et recoit un accueil tres enthousiaste des medias comme du public. Aujourd’hui, apres avoir cree son propre label plus underground (Control Tower) et passe neuf mois bloque en studio, Radioactive Man est de retour avec ce nouvel album, un poil moins deep mais plus dansant que le precedent.

"Fed-Ex To Munchen", taken from the LP "Booby Trap" is perhaps one of the most adventurous tracks on the album, with it's more "traditional" song structure, melancholic chords, and almost live-sounding drums.

Back before September 2001, when Keith Tenniswood released his debut album under the Radioactive Man moniker, he was mainly known for his involvement along with Andrew Weatherall in the Two Lone Swordsmen. His talents as a studio engineer had also been utilised by David Holmes, and Red Snapper but, essentially, he'd always been in the shadows.

Radioactive Man takes electro as a blueprint, and makes it his own. His "sound" is as definable by it's inclusion of other genres and influences as by the straight-up dancefloor dynamics he employs to great effect. His approach is extremely efficient, sonically - almost simplistic, yet every element fulfils a purpose - be it a dry drum machine, atmospheric synth, or bad-ass rumbling bassline.

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