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A01Mass Destruction
(Paul Jackson Big Weapon)
B01Mass Destruction
(Paul Jackson's Destruction Dub)
B02Mass Destruction
(P*Nut & Sister Bliss Mix)
C01Mass Destruction
(Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix)
D01Mass Destruction
(Tom Middleton Cosmos Dub)

Britain's premiere dance outfit are back. This is their masterpiece.

Faithless have always been a hard act to pin down. The critically acclaimed, award winning, internationally popular, multi-million selling collective specialise in genre-busting music aimed at the head, heart and feet, encompassing a range of sounds and styles that simply defies easy categorisation.

They have balanced four-to-the-floor classic house hits (Insomnia, Salva Mea, God Is A DJ, We Come One) with poetic works of lyrical genius (Bring My Family Back, Muhammad Ali), and heart-rending gospel anthems (Don't Leave). Their albums have embraced soulful spirituality ('Reverence' 1995) introspective melancholy ('Sunday 8pm' 1998) and uplifting, emotional atmospherics ('Outrospective' 2001). While Faithless' open-door policy has encompassed (and encouraged) a lot of remarkable musical contributions, there are three core members: Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo Armstrong. Maxi is not the sole lyricist on the new Faithless opus. The trio invited cult Sony recording artist, the multi-talented LSK, to join them for the project, and his elegantly composed, beautifully sung contributions match Maxi for emotional eloquence, particularly on the achingly philosophical 'I Want More'. "There's not a note I want to change, nothing I would do differently," says Rollo proudly. "This is what I think Faithless is about. It is melodic, it grooves, it's meaningful and it embodies the gospel of Faithless, the idea that self-worth creates goodness. That is fundamental. If you believe in yourself, if you are without fear, you will also be tolerant, non-aggressive and find love." Maxi asserts his place as the UK's most powerful and polemical lyricist with the astonishing opening single, 'Mass Destruction'.

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