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La Baleine

01We Can Fly
04Put Your Hands
0512 Bits Of Funk
07New Baby
08Beatdown On Electric Ave
09Don‘T Wake Me
108 Ft. In The Air
13Ben‘S Lament

Un jour, un jeune homme de Brixton (Londres) decida de rassembler son amour pour la musique et le graphisme (en particulier le graffitti) pour creer son propre univers. Cet homme etait Benny Blanko.
et Homestyle Records son label, bientot culte au carrefour du hip-hop et d'une house funky minimale et nerveuse.

B-boy dans le coeur, Benny voulait juste verifier s'il etait de taille a affronter la grande dame appellee house. Et la reponse, via des classiques instantanes comme 'Keep Bouncin' et 'Put Your Hands', fut oui.
Ces titres rares allerent droit au coeur des DJs et danseurs clairvoyants, ainsi que dans les collections des nerds de la house, et auraient ete voues a la clandestinite sans l'insistance d'Ata, boss de Playhouse et DJ resident du venerable club Robert Johnson d'Offenbach, pour signer ce talent unique sur son label et le presenter au monde.

In next to no time, one young man from Brixton grasped how to take a handful of records, stunning artwork and the desire to be unique to create his own little universe.

The man in question is, of course, none other than BENNY BLANKO, boss and master of the legendary HOMESTYLE label. Initially, just for the sake of not much more than a mere experiment, B-Boy Blanko wanted to see whether he too has a talent for that big grand dame called house. However, tracks such as "KEEP BOUNCIN!" or the elegant "PUT YOUR HANDS" were soon not only in everyone's hearts and eager house nerds' record collections, but luckily - thanks to Ata - also a highlight within the confines of clubs like the venerable Robert Johnson in Offenbach.

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