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A01Birth, School, Work, Death
Feat. Christian Kreuz

Manhead is the project of Swiss artist, DJ and producer Robi Insinna. Originally released on Robi's own Relish Records imprint, Manhead also runs in parallel to Robi's Headman project which counts 3 EP's and an album on the acclaimed Munich label - Gomma. Robi founded Relish Records in 2001. He had been hosting club nights and parties in Zurich under the same moniker since 1999.

In 2003 Output's Trevor Jackson licensed Manhead's 'Doop' for his label's 'Channel 2' compilation. This marked the start of an ongoing collaboration between the two artists and their respective labels, the latest product of which is the incredible forthcoming single 'BSWD', co-produced by Ralph Peter and featuring Christian Kreuz on vocals. Robi has also recently completed a remix under his Manhead guise for The Rapture's 'I Need Your Love', also on Output.

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