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01Try Me Anyway
Telepopmusik (Ft. Betty Black)
A01Animal Trap
B01Animal Trap
(T. Sunshine Remix)

Crack We are Rock unleashes "Cosmic Mind Flight" : a fever dream-journey into a
psychedelic future

From the murky border between the urban jungle and the smoldering forests of Hades comes Crack We Are Rock.

Spawned as a cough syrup-fueled dream somewhere in the Midwest, circa 1995, founder King Riff brought his vision to San Francisco and performed under the Crack:WAR banner with a revolving cast of savants and sociopaths. After teaming up with black metal poseur Obscuratron, the line-up solidified with the addition of L'Erin and Le Kim, sirens with a poetic vision who had fallen off the back of a caravan from a satanic children's circus.

Combining electronics gone wrong with glue-sniffer schoolyard taunts and festering disco rhythms, Crack:WAR gave the robo-chic sound the surrealist bathroom beatdown it so savagely deserved.

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