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A01Wont Bother Me
(Original Mix)
A02Wont Bother Me
(Putsch 79 Remix)
B01Wont Bother Me
(20:20 Soundsystem Remix)
B02Wont Bother Me
(20:20 Soundsystem Instrumental)

"Won ’t Bother Me" is taken off ‘The Sound Of New York compilation released in 2003 mixed byone half of The Glass,Dominique.We were keen to put out a really good remix package and the response has been just as we hoped.
The remixes come from Putsch 79 &2020Soundsystem.Putsch 79 have been hailed as Finland ’s answer to Metro Area after their self titled album on Clone Records.Their remix has appealed more to the DJ ’s that play electronica.
The 2020Soundsystem remixes have been a great success and appealed across the board.
Ralph Lawson is a name everyone knows,the last 2020Soundsystem EP on Ralph ’s label 20: 20Vision was one of the best selling 12 ’’s on the label ever.They have done a vocal mix and a dub which has made it more accessible to a wide range of DJ ’s catering for those who don ’t play vocals.It is also probably the more dancefloor friendly.

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