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A01Who Needs Sleep Tonight
Silicon Soul (Original)
A02Who Needs Sleep Tonight
Tied And Tickled Trio Remix
B01Who Needs Sleep Tonight
Abe Duque Remix
B02Who Needs Sleep Tonight
2004 Insanity Remix

This is the most awesome follow up to the much acclaimed album "Pouti" and its outstanding track and anthem "Who Needs Sleep Tonight". Jumpstarted, reworked, remixed...

Tied and Tickled Trio and Abe Duque give shrewd and savvy interpret-ations of Silicon Soul’s classic “Who Needs Sleep Tonight”. Includes original Silicon Soul mix and graphic songbook. Hardcore fans of Silicon Soul Tied and Tickled Trio contribute a dub driven version with a polyrhythmic edge while Abe Duque gives the original an uncompromising gimmicky techno-flavour. This is the hot shit !

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