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La Baleine


You better dig this 3rd offering from the 2 guys from DESTILLAT cause it's a true gem, a jewel, a SAPPHIRE !

"KOMPASS" literally leads us into the right direction: the one straight to the dancefloor ! Swinging and bouncing like hell, this track gets you grinning from ear to ear and jumping from one foot to the other with all these spacey effects flying around your head... croaking frog-like sounds... Nice one !

Enter "KORN" and get on board of DESTILLAT's starship to the Tau Seti system taking off with cool cool nearly "real" drums, a subsonic bass and a lasergun-like sound that is truly radioactive ! "KORN" is a monotonous psychedelic twisted trip drawing you way deep into this lo-fi science fiction soundtrack with crazy celestial horns and more and more and more... So get lost!

Yes my friend, this is the typical Destillat sound - a sound which owes as much to psychedelia as to straight forward percussion orientated groovy tech styles.

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