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La Baleine

A01Chemical Sweet Girl
Black Strobe - (Alter Ego Mix)
B01Price Gun Baby
Captain Comatose - (Kiki & Silversurfer’s 6,66 Mix)

This is a very special joint between OUPUT and PLAYHOUSE is the official 12" for the labels' party at this year's POPKOMM and TDK Dance Marathon in Berlin and came to mind out of a mutual respect between both "record companies"... believe it or not!

The music:

ALTER EGO's mix of BLACK STROBE's "CHEMICAL SWEET GIRL" was only released on a single CD by Output and is now available for all vinyl-loving and playing DJs! It's a monster, believe us!

CAPTAIN COMATOSE's old sing-a-long hit "PRICE GUN BABY" got a new garb by BPITCH's very own KIKI & SILVERSURFER. This version was only available on the free PLAY JOY CD which was part of their last EP called "PICKING UP". Now it gets the full attention that it deserves and will definitely be found in many
DJ cases in the near future!

So don't sleep on this one! Grab it, play it or hate it!

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