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CD x2

01New Music
Whignomy Bros Remix
02Make a Move
Guillaume Boulard remix
03New Music
Gucciman's Remix
04Alegre 2004
Louie Vega's Elements Of Life Main Mix
Senor Coconut Remix
06Make a Move
S.U.M.O Rebounce
Nickodemus Remix
08Alegre 2004
Una Bombers Electric Chair treatment
09Universal Love
Tiefschwarz Remix
Fabrice Lig Rework
Salzmann & Zech's "Slowdown" Mix
12Lover Uncovered
Yam Who Rework

Ever since their foundation in 1997, the art of remixing has been extensively exercised by the three Trüby Trio members; Rainer Trüby, Roland Appel & Christian Prommer. Amalgamating different flavours like brazil, latin, boogie, tech-house, electro, drum & bass or even disco has led to the guys being inventors of a wholly new dance genre.

The idea of compiling and releasing the up till now vinyl only Trüby Trio remixes on CD has been spinning in Compost heads for some time already. But it wasn´t enough for the Trio nor for Compost because nobody wanted to chart with "the old stuff". So keeping it fresh, updated and more complex was the aim because if the Trio`s handling with styles, musical barriers are excluded!

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