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La Baleine

A1Rocker Dub

Talking about one of the tracks from 2004 is definitely no understatement...

Touched by the boys own hands, "ROCKER" gets the full dub treatment with reverbed handclaps and some rattling sounds up until the point where you hear the rave horn blowing! The well-known melody comes in shortly after and with more and more echo and reverb this track builds up to another rave horn’s last call after 3 minutes of dubby electro sounds reminiscing of some early 8ties band from Sheffield... It’s firing with all its guns using full laser & phaser action like preventing the invasion of good old mother earth by some extraterrestrial lifeforms!

A sheer delight of sounds raining on the willing listener and an exciting new outlook on one of the most rocking (no pun intended...) tracks this year! So be quick to get hold of a copy of this slice of nice wax or wait until next year when we are going to give the dub version a re-release accompanied by another hot remix by one of the top producers at the moment...

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