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La Baleine

A1The Race
Classic m&h rework
B1The Race
Henrik Schwarz Remix

Stopping by for another visit, notorious Leipzig duo MILLE & MR. HIRSCH aka THE VISITORS are back again with a new tune entitled "THE RACE" ! 12 minutes 19 sec of great epic cinema build upon a marvellous keyboard chord that, once heard, will haunt you for the rest of your life... Let’s not forget the tremendous bassline and the backwards sound of these nice cymbals that add to the hypnotizing feel of this tune. Anyone speaking of a ban of so-called "repetitive beats" here... remember the "Criminal Justice Bill"...?

Anyway, this track sucks you deep into its chords and structures! Versatile Berlin remix and producer talent HENRIK SCHWARZ gives us a completely different approach with one of his typical afro-percussive treatments. Hints of a slapping bass and sublime piano chords intensify this afro-feel. SCHWARZ adds some organ and leads us to a very nice piano & organ break after 5 minutes. There is even a vocal singing "THE RACE" and a race this could really be, although more of a race through a space jungle with these buzzing organ chords that run through the shimmering heat... Track time here as well over 10 minutes!

Well, a short summary: you have 2 deep yet different sides of house music on one record with way over 20 minutes listening pleasure! Ain’t that nice?

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