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(Freaks blam! Redo)
(Kemit Sources Acra Remix)
(Kemit Sources Acra Beats)

CHEF is working in different configurations wich gives to the production an heterogeneous sound going from down beats to house in the rockiest way...

Based in Paris, DJ Roast, djing & organizing parties since 97, founded his own music organisation “GRILL” by organising BBQ parties in Aubervilliers (France), events with the French Embassy in Sarajevo (Bosnia & Herzegovina), monthly at “les Bains” in Paris with guests like DJ Falcon (Together), Pepe Bradock, Eddie Amador, Mandrax (Shakedown) & so on...

The encounter with V.Eliane (keyboard, voice) & Djani (drums, bass guitar) gave birth to the record production part of the label “GRILL”. Progresssively everybody had the wish to collaborate with people from outside like Lord Yeye, DJ Dozol, DJ Hutchinson... We founded the collective of the label & we named it CHEF.

Myspace Chef : ici

Les Albums et les Maxis du moment : ici

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