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A1Looking Glass
Asha Puthli
A2Rainy Day
Reverso 68 Remix
B1Looking Glass
Asha Puthli - Stevie Kotey Remix

Following up the success of their debut 12 inch "Vapour", London-based signing Stratus now reverses the image of their romantic ballad "Looking Glass“. Featuring the legendary Asha Puthli on vocals Stratus deliver a psychedelic epic with echoes of Rotary Connection and David Axelrod. Stevie Kotey of Chicken Lips and Bear Entertainment fame jacks up the tempo with a vintage house re-work while up-and-coming Balearic dons Reverso 68 turn in a superb mix of album track 'Rainy Day'. The result? Two very positive, top-notch dubby electronic house grooves to complement your collection from two of last years most important producers.

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