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La Baleine

A1Cowboys and Yeehaas
A2I Hear the Tiddings of the Geese
B1Where Is it Going?
B2Just Walking Around… They Speak of Wandering

True to his name, the Montreal DJ and producer known as the Mole burrows deep into his material, digging dirty furrows in layer after layer of musical substrata – disco, house, soul, acid, minimal techno - that have been building up for decades. The Mole travels in the wake of fellow subterraneans like Moodymann, Arthur Russell, Thomas Brinkmann, Theo Parrish, Larry Levan, Ron Hardy, and Recloose, but every time he noses through to the surface, his mark is unmistakably his own.In singles, tracks, and loops for labels like Itiswhatitis, Starbass, Tuning Spork, Complot, Telegraph, Mutek, Textone, and Epsilonlab, the Mole has progressively fashioned a signature sound of impossibly deep bass, gritty loops, battered vocal hooks, and psychedelic filtering. Until now, however, his sound has been best heard in a live context, where the Mole manipulates laptop loops and vinyl scratching to lead dancefloors deep underground. Until now: because One Foot on Either Side Of The Ladder brings his method to life on vinyl, igniting a slow-burning firestorm of funk across four equally strong tracks. Clocking in at over six minutes of dirty disco fury apiece, each one piles up gloriously messy mountains of loops upon loops upon loops, cut with deft edits, diamond-sharp drums, and biodegraded soul vocals that rise Phoenix-like from the ashen soil.

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