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A1Dundy Lion
(Original Version)
A2Dundy Lion
(Agent 86 remix)
B1Dundy Lion
(Emperor Machine Version)

After 2 EPs, several soundtracks, and scores of remixes and contributions to compilations, Markus Kienzl, a member of renowned electronic dub collective SOFA SURFERS, is ready to release the dry and minimal dub rocker “Dundy Lion” (feat. Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman) 27-year-old Melbourne based DJ & producer Agent 86 takes a tour on the electrofunk-side of things with his Remix. On the Flip Emperor Machine (aka Chicken Lips' Andy Meecham – we loved his Italo / Space Disco, Kraut Rock and Electro Album „Aimee Tallulah Is Hypnotised“ last year ) utilises his analogue synth collection and alluring array of vintage apparatus to devastating effect, and whilst delving into early 70s production techniques manages to carve out new avenues for the future. Huge !!! Look out for the Markus Kienzl Debut Album „Product“ which will be released this April on Klein Records !

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