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La Baleine

B1Bel Etage
B2Got It

The members of MY MY met and became friends through common interests in music, but it wasn´t until they ended up as neighbours in Berlin´s Mitte, that a lifestyle of committed partying, cake baking and long studio sessions led to this debut release. LEE JONES lived in London until 2002 where he was producing and remixing as HEFNER. After arriving in Berlin, he was inspired by the music and clubs to move into a new production style. NICK HÖPPNER has been a DJ since 1997, and moved to Berlin in 2001 as Editor of GROOVE magazine, and quickly became a resident at Panorama Bar/Ostgut/ Berghain. He is now a full time producer DJ. CARSTEN KLEMANN is the only native to the city, and has been Djing since 1999. He is now a resident at the Watergate club in Berlin. CORNELIUS TITTEL is now consumed by a full time career as a neo-con journalist but remains the group’s mentor and vibe controller.

Welcome again to the beautiful land of strange noises! "KLATTA" is the 8th wonder of digital cut up grooves with funky rubberband bass and massive hi-hat attack! Great and gorgeous sounds that make you shake your hips! Up to the "BEL ÉTAGE" - or better down to sub zero floors with subterranean cave music. There’s lotsa echo in here... "GOT IT" is hypnotizing with some twisted vocal snippets and mesmerizing synths! Sounds good? You bet!

Hey Hey MY MY, Rock n Roll Will Never Die! MY MY Hey Hey, Rock n Roll Is Here To Stay!

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