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La Baleine

A1Raw (sie liebt dich)
(reinhard voigt remix)
B1Vincent Van Dance
(rework remote)
B2Vincent Van Dance
(solvent remix)

Off we go with some bangin’ sounds straight outta Com.. eh... Cologne! The one and only REINHARD VOIGT starts with a delay heading into straight ass whipping and slapping techno territory! It’s 1-2-3-4-GO with a speedy 130 bpm and dark and beautiful sounds like simple rave signals... This one’s working the floor and the crowd, you’ll see! Cologne did it again!

From Cologne it’s straight to Stuttgart, home of the ever so brave REWORK guys and girls. They turned "VINCENT VAN DANCE" into a subtle and sweet swinging version even more delay. Intensifying the electro-pop-side of the original, they really produce some pure sugar here – strictly for all electro-pop-dub-fans... watch out for hot and new upcoming REWORK stuff in 2005 !!!

Canada’s own Jason Amm aka SOLVENT, who has just released a new album on GHOSTLY, leads us deeper and deeper into poppier fields. The acknowledged Vince Clarke fan adds some nice staccato-robot-vocals singing, or better, speaking the track title "VINCENT VAN DANCE" over and over. A beautiful piece of electronic music with a solid steady bassdrum!

You want more "TRANSPHORMER" remixes? Well, stay tuned! The "ROCKER" dub version is on its way! No stopping...!

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