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A1Night On Fire
Original Version
A2Night On Fire
Carlos D Remix
B1Night On Fire
Tommie Sunshine's Brooklyn Fire Retouch
B2Night On Fire
Cut Copy Remix

In art, as in commerce and conflict, the element of surprise plays a key role. And anyone who already has an opinion about VHS OR BETA will undoubtedly find that opinion challenged by the group's 12" "Night On Fire" .

The band's guitarist Craig Pfunder about Night On Fire "I really like it. It feels really strange to say this, but I have to admit that I'm really enjoying my own record."

The bands that soullessly pillage the Eighties should listen to VHS OR BETA and learn a thing or two about respect. Not only have these Kentucky natives studied the decade when a dude wearing kohl eyeliner was just goth and not metrosexual, they seem genuinely privileged to kneel at the temples of DURAN DURAN, THE CURE and big-suit-era TALKING HEADS. As a result, their sound isn't retro but empathetic, and they improve on the best of the time -- and let the worst rest in peace. The title track of their latest, "Night on Fire", grooves with rich chocolate bass, while flash-fire bursts of guitar and hand-claps light up .

Carlos D Famous member of INTERPOL and famous DJ on his spare time did his own version very progressive. TOMMIE SUNSHINE, FELIX DA HOUSECAT producer partner and everybody favourites remixer (Fisherspooner, Scissor Sisters, Pink, Junior Senior, POD....) double the clap for make it heaven more danceable. CUT COPY the Australian genius also bring his talent to this great release.

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