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Bookmark and Share Dieter Schmidt / Simian Mobile Disco Morse Code From The Cold War / The Count Kitsuné Single

A1The Count
Simian Mobile Disco
B1Morse Code From The Cold War
Dieter Schmidt

This is the 2nd chapter in the Kitsuné 'X' series. After The Mogs, Kitsune strike back with a limited double a-side release. Boris Duglosch,Soulwax, LCD Soundsystem, Boris Horel and many others are playing "The count" from Simian Mobile Disco. We are wondering what they are counting, and its easy to hear why... Dieter Schmidt is once again someone famous wanted to hide his name, the 'X' factor striking again. Under a pseudonym, this mystery talent happily for us didn"t hide their talent as well as their name, 'cause the track "Morse code from the cold war" works like a screaming madness in club. Dieter Schmidt : Morse Code From The Cold War, since Dieter Schmidt was an American spy in East-Germany during the Cold War. Super subterfuge, super minimal, super twitchy. Press by James Hopkins, Club by the Pro Group,

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