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La Baleine

A1Beat The Bush
Tiefschwarz Remix
B1Beat The Bush
Ewan Perason's Slow NRG Edit
Riton Re-Rub

Time to "BEAT THE BUSH" now, so get on board this massive ocean liner that the brothers TIEFSCHWARZ have launched to sail the oceans of sound worldwide! Surfing the waves to dive into the depths of a rich and beautiful rhythm construct way under the sea with subsonic basslines, metal snares and strange sounds like coming out of a sonar device, this remix will surely help to create a ballroom craze which will be hard to beat...

But skip over to the b-side and listen to EWAN PEARSON’s "SLOW NRG EDIT" which is slow indeed compared to the T’SCHWARZ monster but could well be a lesson in groove, attitude and style! Hard rockin’, head noddin’ state of the art remix delivery!

London’s finest RITON, courtesy of Manchester’s GRAND CENTRAL label, speeds up "TUBEACTION" for some more action in London’s subway system... The stomping rendition complete with a grimey garage drum and bass break will excite even more dancers when played loud at your favourite club !

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