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A01Street Commander
Extended Mix
A02Sure Thing
Munk's Hacienda Mix
B01Street Commander
Stretch Armstrong Remix

The Voices are Steve Yanko and Chris Field from Toronto, Canada. Steve is a fixture on the DJ scene as well as working nights in a lunatic Asylum. Chris currently lives in London where he has a solo artist career. This release is a follow up to last year's SURE THING 12" on Plant (Munk Hacienda Mix of which is included here as a bonus cut). STREET COMMANDER features dubbed out house grooves with old school guitars and sullen indie vocals. It also gets a remix by legendary hip hop DJ Stretch Armstrong whose tastes have changed a lot of late, favoring electro and indie rock flavored sets as this mix with studio buddy Omar Doom illustrates. Stretch and Omar (aka Alister Doomington) will release a 12" in the autumn on Plant Music. www.the-voices.net...

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