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La Baleine

A01Die Phantomspeisung
B01Reminding Dreams

What is this thing called "PHANTOMSPEISUNG" ? one might ask...

Especially the ones that didn’t pay a lot attention while sitting in their physics lessons... well, it could be a delicious electro meal served by a certain masked comic figure with striped panties and a German shepherd dog, it could be the cool soundtrack for a brand new "old school" videogame and it could also be the name of a track from ROGER23’s debut 12“ for Playhouse... well, what do you think? But let us give you a short introduction to the man named Roger first.

ROGER23, hailing from Saarbrücken, a town near the french border, where he co-runs the HARD WAX SAARBRÜCKEN branch of this famous Berlin record store, has been a DJ for a long long time who has played in a lot of clubs all over Europe and Germany. He’s part of the SWAYZAK family since 1997 and a steady stalwart of their SWAYZAK SOUNDSYSTEM as a DJ since 3 years and has released his own productions on their 3 labels Swayzak Records, 240 Volts and Volt Musik. SWAYZAK’s hit "IN THE CAR CRASH also got the ROGER23 treatment on Berlin label K7!

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