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Bookmark and Share Volga Select / Joakim Transe / Teenage Kiss Kitsuné Single

Volga Select
B01Teenage Kiss
Joakim - Vocal
B02Teenage Kiss
Joakim - Dub

Like as usual Kitsuné is bringing us La creme de la creme in French, the best of the best in English, le dessus du panier .. of the French actual best producer on the same 12» !

VOLGA SELECT : Transe. Ivan Smagghe from Blackstrobe and Marc Collin from Nouvelle Vague together! Now we’re talking really about serious business !. Did they confuse the X of sex with the X of ecstasy ? It’s called Transe because it is trance. And trance will always be better than zouk, revival wise. Orgasm. People like transe.

JOAKIM : Teenage Kiss. « Kiss it », « Don’t be so afraid », it has to be a song about giving head. Joakim is Tigersushi’s boss and he has his very own sounds, maybe a bit booty new wave, but very new.

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