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La Baleine

A01Hey Du!
B01Dead Phones
B02Why Don't You Listen?

Another debut on Klang Elektronik: this time it’s Cologne duo MISC, who’ve just released their third album "Like Morning In Your Eyes" on Sender Records.

MISC. - which is of course the short form of "miscellaneous" - is quite a good name for Bleckmann & Wenner. They’ve done a lot of different types of music, starting with drum & bass on labels like Precision and Krush Grooves as Monophace, built some minimal techno as NIEDERFLUR on Hawtin’s MINUS outlet and released a couple of records on FORCE TRACKS and SENDER. Describing their sound factory, GROOVE drops words like "sawmill, welding press and pneumatic hammer"...

Well, you never know... One thing’s sure: MISC. are trying to track down the effects of basslines! "HEY DU!" is the beginning of this steelworks symphony or should we say sawmill symphony? Anyway, it’s a brilliant and fast start with an upfront track only interrupted in the half by a short break. Monstrous and creaky stuff!

Take a time-out on side B with "DEAD PHONES" where MISC. change into 3rd gear and deliver something more laid back. Though these creaky sounds are similar to a rockin’ guitar, they get backed by a quite clicky beat foundation. Back to the race track with this sporty little job called "WHY DON’T YOU LISTEN?".

Stylish beats and elegant sounds in streamlined design, yet with a grittyness absolutely perfect for a great night out in a nimble car – that’s MISC.!

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