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La Baleine


No, this is not Berlin’s famous race track debuting on Playhouse, though it’s got also something to do with high speed. Scott Edwards aka AVUS presents 3 fast and shortly titled tunes that will do their laps on your turntable.

Known from releases on Border Community for example, Scott first offer "TEAR" doesn’t sound as sad as the title implies. Instead it consists of happy bouncing melodies that come along some funny sounds like the beeps of Star Trek communicators or the sound created by a ruler placed on the edge of a table and being struck... remember this from going to school? So no need to shed any tears...

The sound of "RIDE" could be described as a wedding of sea horses riding to an underwater chapel whose submarine wedding bells are ringing from now and then. You can’t imagine this? Then drop the needle and join the "RIDE" !

"FLIP", the mindtwisting hypnotic crazy synths modulating last track on this 12“ is an excellent way to end this record. What a great moment and release after the break when you suddenly hear this fizzing and hissing ride cymbal coming in... Ah Yeah! You want a summary? Three perfect tracks to get down to – no more, no less!

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