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A01Aborigenes Jam
(FK-EK Vocal Mix)
B01Aborigenes Jam
(FK-EK Dub Mix)

François K delivers a dancefloor gem, fuelled with energy and packed with tribal overtones

François K has had a long standing career as a house DJ and as a remixer and producer in his own right. His musical career thus far spans not only Djing at legendary slubs such as Studio 54, The Paradise Garage and Twilo but two decades of remixing for the likes of Kraftwerk, Madonna and Talvin Singh just to name a few.

With his heavy percussive take in ‘Aborigene Jam’, a track originating from Cirque du Soleil’s soundtrack ‘Dralion’, François K delivers a dancefloor gem that is fuelled with energy and packed with tribal overtones.

His "Vocal Remix" version features a consistent rhythm that is complemented by interjections of compelling drums remniscint of the style of Japan’s great Kodo drummers.

The "Dub Remix", a version that is stripped down to a pulsating beat overlaid with echoing sonic crashes. Clever little synthesized melodies play against the mesmerizing rhythym.

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