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(Black Strobe Remix)

Ali et Basti Schwarz alias Tiefschwarz sont les stars montantes de la house internationale

After Ali and Basti aka Tiefschwarz have moved to Berlin, they were very busy working on remixes for The Rapture, Hell, Spektrum, Chicks on Speed, Trüby Trio, Music for Freaks, Lost n’Alive, Phonique just to name a few, as well as playing DJ gigs worldwide.

Due to the very positive international feedback, Tiefschwarz decided to release the former whitelabel "Ghostrack" officially.

Ivan Smagghe from Paris (Kill The DJ, part of Black Strobe and Volga Select) is one of the biggest Ghostrack fans- so luckily he offered a Blackstrobe remix for Tiefschwarz’s Ghostrack.

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