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A01I Don’t Know
B01The Rush
(Sex With Machines)
B02The Rush
(Raw Dub)

…and just when you thought that it’s all the same beat, here is further evidence that there’s still some who walk to an entirely different drummer altogether

Chelonis R. Jones (native Californian) left New York with a suitacase filled with poems, songs, unpublished novels and paintbrushes for Europe; strategically working as a singer/songwriter in numerous rock group failures...

As struggling novelist/poet in England... and as a painter in Switzerland, before concentrating as a recording artist in Germany…finally deciding to manically bleed the talents into one.

Like the first release "One&One / Blackout", the follow-up "I Don’t Know" follows the dramatic switch from A-side to B-side.

The Melodramatic flush of "I Don’t Know" kicks directly in the crotch of the typical club-lyric tracks that we are all too willing to ignore. "The Rush" is the A side’s sinister sibling, the one we are all terrified of but we’re glued to every detail with psychopathic fascination.

The "Sex with Machines Mix" is just that while the "Raw Dub Mix" nearly numbs the listener/dancer with its bare understatement.

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