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La Baleine

B01Green Onions
B02Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

"Beeswax" : A great example of minimalism that still is haunting, manic and totally refreshing ! Once heard, never forgotten...

Berlin in the house! Please welcome Phage & Daniel Dreier and their conglomeration of sounds. The two are no newcomers with releases on Highgrade, Moon Harbour or Anja Schneider’s Mobilee Records, both as solo artists and under various guises like Pan-Pot, Audiogain or Luna City Express for example.

Phage aka Marco Resmann, started to produce his own tracks since 1998. Daniel Dreier is one of Berlins top house underground DJs and can be heard on Vivienne Westwood’s fashion shows as well as in all the relevant clubs in Germany’s capital city.

Phage & Drieier share a mutual interest in all forms of modern house music, which of course is evident on each of these 3 tracks for Klang Elektronik.

A common denominator is the complexity of all tracks. Layer upon layer of sounds - silly and serious – lots of vocal snippets, a belch here, some hiccups there, but always moving and grooving like "Beeswax" which is dripping hot to the very last drop onto the dancefloor.

"Green Onions" has the same ingredients, a bit more threatening maybe... The most catchy track might be the nicely entitled "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" with its great organ hookline.

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