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Shinichi Osawa Distortion Disco Edit
Discotown origina
Fox n'wolf

This new maxi “Popper” on Kitsune is the first musical cooperation betweeen brothers Christopher and Raphael Just

Erol Alkan : "'Popper' is the perfect combination of 3 of the best club records from the last year: Rocker by Alter Ego, Italian Fireflies by Black Strobe and Ny Excuse Funkytown version by Soulwax

Their intention was to reflect their common techno-past during the early nineties. They look back over their shoulder at the time when a bass used to be called a murder-bass, bleeps were meeting clonks and techno - using simple but very intensive melodies - was feeding the illusion of the everlasting party.

The discotown-mix elegantly rouses memories of Punk Anderson`s great days.The shinichi Osawa distortion edit is a big room weapon ; will sure make people scream Fox n’ wolf appears also on it with a funny vocal that will be please the most trendiest part of the music nation.

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