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La Baleine

ACut So Sweet
BBack Wash Rider

Tune your ears to these 2 new epic Losoul tracks! Almost 23 minutes of "oh so sweet" Losoul music including persuasive percussion and typical Losoul groove and dynamics

Mr. Kremeier seems to be in a real track mode, which you can hear on both sides of the "What Radio?" single.

"Cut So Sweet" consists of sweet basslines and even sweeter, delayed keyboard motives, which have this beautiful melancholic touch. Seems like they’ve been played by Caspar The Friendly Ghost... Listen to the excellent beat for the last 2 1⁄2 minutes and think of Losoul as this marvellous master of beats and basslines !

"Back Wash Rider" has a crazy bassline, wobbling like a pudding. This is a nice addition to the massive punch of the track, which kicks ass like there’s no tomorrow! The haunting melodious break around 7 minutes shows us the full mental sound odyssey which is "Back Wash Rider". A longing for the everlasting groove. May the night last forever!

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