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La Baleine

AI feel space
Freform reform
BI feel space

Due to popular demand, one of 2005’s balearic anthems is back: "I Feel Space" by highly respected Norwegian shooting star Hans-Peter Lindstrom, now touched by the likes of Freeform Five nd the Berlin-Stuttgart Axis Messieurs Tiefschwarz and Turntablerocker

Let’s begin with the British producer’s monumental 11min30sec long trip which besides his epic length still has a massive pop appeal and already gets tremendous reactions from audiences and DJs all over!

Fuzzy synth bassline and the uplifting part where Tamara Barnett Herrin’s celestial voice kicks in in the first part, a great guitar lick starting at around 6min30sec which evokes this certain Rave/Madchester feeling in the second part – the combination of all these different parts and sounds add to something very interesting in this Freeform Five workout.

Basti Tiefschwarz and Turntablerocker Thomilla are behind the rockin’ "Tomba Spezial Space" edit. And what a firework of pure sexy dancefloor stuff did they put together from the ashes of the original track ! Phat beat madness galore, excellent handclaps and this hypnotic synonce again !

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